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Founder And CEO

profile nikhil Prajapati

An Indian entrepreneur, video editing Expert and a Content creator, is helping Video Editors in India to reach their dream income and has been working with multiple National and International Brands aiding them in generating substantial revenue. I began my journey with small dreams and a hunger for growth. Starting as a graphic designer, my passion for content propelled me to become one of the country's top video editing and marketing expert for direct sales.

In June 2023, I founded with the aim of assisting struggling businesses across the country in their growth through engaging & converting videos and marketing. In a span of few months, is rapidly expanding like a bamboo tree. We evolved into a jaw-dropping solution that helped some of the biggest coaches, creators, influencers like Himanshu Agrawal, Jeet Shah, Shashwat Amrev, Yashika Garg, Aryan Tripathi, Wealthy sandeep and much more...

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“ Did you ever get such questions in mind that

how are videos effective in growing one’s business? ”

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Let Me Ask You...

Where do you think your customers spend most of their time? Social media, right? What do you think they do the most?

Learn mathematics on YouTube!!! A big not right? They watch Reels, shorts, or maybe cat videos.

Now you know where your ideal customer hangs out the most, the right place to market your brand & how to get their attention. More attention means more brand awareness, and what does more awareness mean? You guessed it right.

Brand Awareness = Strong Credibility = More Sales

How Effective Are Videos

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Do You Know?

Why Use



Of marketers see positive ROI from video marketing

Video is


More then text and image post combined



more likely to reach first page of google using video

Videos are everywhere..

Over 1 billion hours of video is watched every day… and that’s just on YouTube! Combine the incredible rate at which internet users are consuming video with the fact that audiences are 80% more likely to convert after visiting a landing page when video is included in it.

'If you're missing on the Video side of your You're losing thousands and even lakhs Of rupees on the table every Single day!'

Seriously, 83% of marketers say they would utilize more video in their strategy if it weren’t for time, resources, and budget.

Creating your own video can be tricky. It might take you weeks if not months of research, editing,

brand positioning & a dozen of other stuff to come to a point of the ideal video creation roadmap. Even after that the time & effort to create these videos feels hectic.

We just don’t make videos for your brand or business But we specialize in scripting the right message, market analysis and your consumers needs so that you stand out from the crowded market and make a remarkable growth in the least possible time imaginable.

Videos are everywhere. Over 1 billion hours of video is watched every day… and that’s just on YouTube! Combine the incredible rate at which internet users are consuming video with the fact that audiences are 80% more likely to convert after visiting a landing page when video is included in it.

what we does

The Old Traditional way

You research, record, edit & post
videos all by alone for your Channel
You upload reels without
proper editing and research
this sucks Manual
Recording unplanned Ad videos
that doesn't convert
No quality SEO but using
random keywords manually
No proper messaging to
the audience.
At the end demotivated,
less revenue


how we do it

Our Creative Ways..

Insane amount of reach,
engagement, conversions
Perfect messaging for your
targeted audience
SEO tactics that gain massive
audience to your business Org.
DFY scripts that you can record
directly without a second thought
massive revenue generated
Happy, more money,
more freedom

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And yes, it might not look true but I personally communicate with each of my clients, understand their problems & struggling part of their business to give a customized solution that works 200%

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  • Leveraging your dead channels/profile/ads into a highly calibrated and engaging conversion machine.
  • How to increase your conversion rates by using psychological hooks in your ads.

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“We don’t say we are the best…It’s just Believe that

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We work under a wide range of Video Editing services like YouTube Videos, Reel Creation, YouTube Shorts, Ad Videos, Videos for Brand Positioning, Presentation and much more.

Since all projects require different amounts of resources, time, and skillset, we assess the cost of the project after a detailed evaluation.

However, we guarantee that the value delivered is aways exponentially higher than the price charged.

Till now we have delivered more than 10,000 videos for our 416+ Clients that have over performed for them irrespective of their market size. We have worked with some of the best & biggest clients and brought them insane results with our video marketing and editing skills.

Hence you can be assured that we do what’s the best with some of the best experience under our belt.

If you have gone through this website you won’t ask this question. There is enough validation already over there. You can just book the call & get started.